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What is a Family History Holiday?

A Family History Holiday is a great excuse, a reason, a catalyst to get together.  In these busy times, family life and family time becomes fragmented - so the time you spend together should be special.

On a Family History Holiday, we’ll help you find some answers, confirm the rumours, discover more about your story, and create new memories together.  


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How It Works

Pick a Person

Was your ancestor an aristocrat or an artisan? Perhaps you're from convict stock? Or maybe you descended from a panhandler, a policeman or a publican? No matter where in the world you're from, we can discover more about the people you want to look up and the places you want to visit. We get you connected to the right family history research tools and access the right resources before you go.


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Pick a Place

Discovering more about your family can take you to many surprising places and a Family History Holiday can take several forms. From a Sydney day trip exploring your convict past, to a weekend getaway in the old goldfields in Victoria, or a week with winemakers who settled in the Barossa Valley, there are great discoveries to be made. Further afield, we can help you uncover more about your ancestors in Scotland, Ireland and the UK, as well as Europe, India, China, and Asia. We have a couple of suggested itineraries to show you exactly how a Family History Holiday works, but this list is just the tip of the iceberg!


Pack Your Bags

Pack your bags and we'll tick the boxes to make sure you're organised and make the most of your Family History Holiday! 



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Book Your Holiday

In Australia or Overseas

Family History Holidays offers different trip types (DIY, Classic and Concierge) depending on your expertise in genealogy and the time and knowledge you have in making travel arrangements. There’s an option to suit every traveller and type of family. Along with your airfares, car and accommodation, we can make appointments to meet local experts who know all about your ancestors and the times in which they lived. Pack your bags and we’ll tick the boxes to make sure you’re organised and make the most of your Family History Holiday!


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Where can I go on a Family History Holiday?

We have a rich mix of people with wonderfully varied heritage here in Australia, and we know the number of trips our customers plan and book will cover destinations far and wide. That said, we all need to start somewhere, so to get you thinking, we have selected a series of well-known historical places so you can understand why, who, where, what, and how a Family History Holiday works. This list is just the beginning!


  • Sydney
    Australia’s earliest convict colony is a great starting point for many family history enthusiasts.  Throughout  the city there are pretty suburbs with terrace houses, workers cottages and interesting architecture from every historical period to explore.  And it’s easy to head west to the State Archives stopping at  Parramatta, home of some serious (World Heritage listed) historic sites.  Sydney is the headquarters for the Society of Australian Genealogists, the Royal Australian Historical Society, the NSW branch of the National Trust of Australia.
  • The Hawkesbury
    Australia’s pioneers settled these rich riverlands as the colony started to expand. Make this a weekend getaway and explore the significant sites along the original Great North Road, wander through Windsor and other cute “Macquarie towns” and understand the nature of early interactions with indigenous clans. The new Hawkesbury Regional Museum is a great starting point for those looking to explore their family history in the area.
  • The Southern Highlands
    Home base for some of Australia’s famous explorers as well as a couple of notorious bushrangers, this region  has lovely places to stay with several heritage homes converted into hotels and easy drives through beautiful bush settings. Groups like the Berrima District Historical and Family History Society have extensive collections that could help answer some of those nitty gritty questions about one of your ancestors.
  • Regional Victoria
    Travel around the Victorian goldfields and you’ll see some amazing architecture, and access interesting historic records that  illustrating the impact  that the  boom and bust  had on this beautiful par tof the country.   It’s easy to get around regional Victoria, and plenty to keep you occupied while you’re on your quest. Take the family cycling to old villages, stop at local markets or take a break at the odd winery or two on the way.
  • The Barossa Valley
    With vineyards over 160 years old, there’s plenty of family history trails to follow in South Australia’s wine regions. Named after a region in Spain, and home to many English and European settlers looking for a better life, old church spires are still to be seen across the valley, with fabulous markets in small villages showing how old traditions (particularly German ones) are alive and well today.
  • Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the UK
    A trip anywhere in the British Isles can provide many answers about your ancestors. There’s the clans, the crofts, the factories and farms, and so many places can give you a clear picture back into the past. Get to know the locals whose people knew your people. Stay in an old inn, a cosy cottage, or a grand manor house close to the places your forebears worked and played and found their way forward.
  • Europe
    Starting with the anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, there are now many ongoing commemorations and many Australians are going back to see where their ancestors were involved in WW1 and WW2. Places of interest cover Egypt, Israel and Palestine along with France, Italy and Germany
  • India/China/Singapore
    Originally perceived as exotic outposts of the empire, the cities and villages across Asia or the Indian subcontinent can unveil fascinating insights into the family legends. Whether it’s tracking your stories back through multiple generations or looking into the war records and colonial customs, these destinations offer a family history holiday with a difference.

Wishlist Where do you want to go?

This will be a great year for a Family History Holiday. Start the conversation this summer and find out more about who’s who in your family. We’d love to hear all about it.


Types of trip

Family History Holidays offers different trip types, depending on your expertise in genealogy, and the time and knowledge you have when it comes to making travel arrangements. There’s an option to suit every traveller and every type of family.  


"We know our stuff. Thanks, we can take it from here"

Family History Holidays can point you in the right direction so you can discover more before you go, easily book your trip, make the most of your time, and record your story


"We know where we want to go and why - can you help us book things and get going?"

Family History Holidays will help you fine tune your plans. We can help you dig deeper. We’ll make introductions to our genealogical network, and connect you to local experts in advance so you make the most of your time whilst you’re away.


"We’re keen! But this could get complicated. We’d appreciate some assistance at every stage"

We’ll do it all. Family History Holidays will get you where you want to go, and have local genealogists and guides booked to support you at every stage. We
take all the worries out of the trip leaving you to enjoy the time travelling with your family and loved ones.


For more information on the Types of Trips, click here.

Record Your Discoveries

Share old stories in a new way

Family History Holidays will make it easy to record all the things you discover on your trip. We’ll curate your content and create a modern record of those special memories to revisit and share when you get home. We can create a chronicle for you, integrating all the documents and letters, videos and photos you find into a Digital Documentary, in the format of your choice. You’ll be able to record your story and the fun you had, in a format that can be shared and added to when you take your next Family History Holiday.


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Over 20 years’ experience


With over 20 years’ experience in travel and tourism, founder Kate Shilling decided to make the leap and launch Family History Holidays in early 2017.  Kate gets what makes the travel industry tick, and combines her wide network of contacts, her interest in genealogy and love of a good story to create an online platform that makes family history fun.

We take an active and innovative approach to family history.  We integrate genealogy resources into the travel planning process to create a family holiday with a difference!  Use the Family History Holidays platform as an online home to research, make bookings and appointments, and record discoveries made on the road. We make it easy to connect the dots, imagine what it was like and create a record to remember.

Book a Family History Holiday and you’ll have fun and feel inspired as you find out more together.


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