Travel into the past with Trove

By Kate Shilling — 29th March 2020

OK, yes, there's a travel ban in place.  But trips back to the past are still permitted  - in fact while we're socially distancing in self-isolation at home - trips back to the past are positively encouraged!  This time on the couch gives us more time to dig a bit deeper into those family legends, so that when we finally get going again, we'll be more than ready to find the answers, confirm the rumours, and discover more together.

Family History Holidays has all sorts of travel tips for all those armchair travellers out there.  

Trove should be an essential stop as you start travelling back in time. This online resource started by the National Library of Australia over ten years ago is invaluable. With more and more records being digitised over time, the Trove website is a one-stop-shop for those searching for articles and other records written about your people, and the places they lived in the past.  

We've found The Argus  to be particulary enlightening with many references to my great-great grandparents in the bankruptcy courts at Woods Point, getting married at The Manse in Beechworth, and vigorously defending their knowledge of anyone taking cattle from the Heathcote town common. The goldfields (and the wineries) in north-east Victoria are once again high on my holiday hitlist!