Get ready to go regional in 2020

By Kate Shilling — 29th December 2019

Happy days!  We’re preparing for 2020 by filing the pile of papers accumulated over this year’s research trips to Beechworth and Bendigo as well as Belfast, Bordeaux and the UK. Some unexpected treasures have been unearthed, including the Value of History Statement released by the History Council of NSW in September2019.

It’s readable and it resonates.

With many areas in country and coastal Australia currently devasted by drought and fires, this statement is a reminder about how understanding and sharing stories of the past can shape strong resilient communities. 

Family History Holidays endorses all elements in this statement.  We’re here to create connections between people, places and the past; to set the scene so you can better understand your family’s story - find some answers, confirm the rumours, and create new holiday memories together.  

In the new year we’ll continue to locate the best genealogists and historians in a wide range of regional Australian destinations.  Why not add a Family History Holiday to your list of resolutions?  You know you have a family history mystery to solve - travel with us in 2020 to meet our local history heroes, discover old documents, and record the real stories about where you’re from and who you really are.

All the best  - Kate