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Travel into the past with Trove

Kate Shilling — 29th Mar 2020

OK, yes, there's a travel ban in place.  But trips back to the past are still permitted  - in fact while we're socially distancing in self-isolation at home - trips back to the past are positively encouraged!  This time on the couch gives us more time to dig a bit …

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2020 Travel Trends

Kate Shilling — 8th Mar 2020

Here at Family History Holidays we're not surprised to see "Ancestry Travel" in the list of travel trends for 2020.!As always, we're working hard to create connections with a wide range of local history organisations so it's fun for our customers to follow up on and research their …

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Get ready to go regional in 2020

Kate Shilling — 29th Dec 2019

Happy days!  We’re preparing for 2020 by filing the pile of papers accumulated over this year’s research trips to Beechworth and Bendigo as well as Belfast, Bordeaux and the UK. Some unexpected treasures have been unearthed, including the Value of History Statement released by the History Council of NSW …

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Look who just turned up!

Kate Shilling — 15th Jun 2018

This morning David and Claire finally cleared out the junk that had been accumulating in the attic. Underneath old blankets, board games and bike parts they found an old suitcase full of papers. There's great photos of Claire's Grandpa in his heyday and some other mysterious characters with more than …

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New Flights from Australia to Scotland

Kate Shilling — 17th May 2018

Travel plans can be complicated but it turns out that there's quite a few airlines who can fly you from Australia to Scotland with only one stopover! For example, last week Emirates announced daily flights to Edinburgh. They also fly to Glasgow! So if you've been dreaming about a …

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Discover more on Mother's Day

Kate Shilling — 11th May 2018

Take your Mum out on the town this Mother's Day - and while you're lingering over lunch why not ask more about her story?  She might not have all the answers (or an aristocratic past!) but these conversations about the old days are a great way to kick start a …

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Why Ireland? See places and people on your family tree

Kate Shilling — 16th Apr 2018

When you see places as well as people on your family tree, the signs become clearer. In this case there's 9 signs so Ireland will definitely be included in this customer’s next Family History Holiday! Next step? We’ll reach out to our friends at Roots Ireland to dig a little …

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Back to St Bartholomews

Kate Shilling — 13th Apr 2018

One of Western Sydney’s oldest churches and cemeteries is opening to the public for its annual  Back to St Bartholomews event this weekend.

Sally stumbled on this place in the summer whilst searching for her Huguenot ancestors, and  we’re looking forward to checking  it out properly on Saturday, 14April.

Set …

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Was your ancestor an aristocrat or an artisan?

Kate Shilling — 11th Apr 2018

No matter where in the world you’re from, we can discover more about the people you want to look up and the places you want to visit on your first Family History Holiday

Our people know people…before you set off, we’ll talk to our friends at the Society of …

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